Workplace Safety Tips During A Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic is not like the usual health hazard we face in work. but due to its serious nature and the fast spreading, it has become something we all should watch out for. In workplaces where face to face interactions are common and sometimes unavoidable, it is necessary to take the right steps to ensure to stop of spread as well as employee safety. Here are some of the precautionary steps you can take.

Workplace Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene among employees and customersare the one of the most important factors during a pandemic. Cleaning of the frequently touched areas of the workplace using cleaning agents that can kill the virus quickly.Wearing a proper mask covering both the nose and mouth must be made compulsory for all the employees and customers.

Install facilities for employees and customers to clean their handsbefore entering the workplace with either soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. Make it compulsory to wash hands when before entering. The correct way of washing hands must be demonstrated through posters or leaflets.

Social Distancing

Beware of how a pandemic spread. Most pandemics are transmitted from a person to person. Therefore, maintaining a distance of at least one meter or six feet in common areas at workplace such as cafeterias is essential to avoid the risk of contamination.

Packed Food in Cafeterias

Serving food as usual in the cafeteria might put the employees at risk. There is a high chance of contamination by serving food. Therefore, it is better to serve food as pre-packaged food. This will help employees move faster without spending much time in a crowded area.

Divide Work Shifts and Breaks

Workplaces have to limit the number of employees to be present within a day to avoid any possible risks. This is essential to perform social distancing as well because the employee work spaces must be placed keeping more distance than usual. Morning and afternoon shifts can also be considered. However, it is important to take into account the concerns of the employees regarding this matter.

Apart from that, the breaks given for employees can also be divided. This will again help to maintain social distancing and unnecessary gathering of the employees.

Access to Information

Companies can take steps to promote washing hands and respiratory hygiene by displaying posters. Other necessary information must be shared through intranet or at a meeting. Such information can be obtained through the websites of the relevant government authorities.

During a pandemic like Covid-19, people will need more support both physically and mentally to adapt into the new lifestyle. For that, the workplaces can educate employees about the Covid-19 support services that are available in their countries and encourage them to contact such services in case they need help if they have suspicious symptoms or if they need help psychologically. This can be done personally or via the workplace.

Be Aware of Who Is More at Risk

Check for employees who is suffering from health conditions such as diabetes, heart, liver and lung disease. They are the most vulnerable during a pandemic. Make sure that such employees are well-protected within the workplace and limit them from interacting with other employees and customers.

During a pandemic, situations differ from each country. Therefore, it is better for a company to have a deep insight about the situation in its country and the special guidelines provided by the government in order to make the workplace safefor both employees and customers.

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