Which Type of Sink Should You Have Installed in Your Kitchen?

When you are in your kitchen, the thought of remodelling is always there at the back of your mind especially when you have been using the same kitchen for years. This is natural since you would always have idea on how to improve your kitchen. With all the technological trends and enhancements, you want the same for your own. And of course, if your family is expanding your kitchen needs to meet the daily requirement of cooking for hungry stomachs.

One part of your kitchen that takes a “brutal beating” with you preparing meals 3x a day is your kitchen sink. So, if you are planning on renovating, give more thought on the type of sink you want installed.

Top Mount Sink

From the name itself, this type of sink is installed from above. This is the most common type of sink where a hole is carved on top of the counter where you want the sink to be. Then the sink is placed on this hole and the rim of the sink would be caulked with silicone to keep it in place and to avoid water seeping. Since it is easy to install, most DIY-er homeowners prefer this because it is also inexpensive. One of the disadvantages though is that if the sink is not thoroughly cleaned, mould and mildew could grow in the silicone caulk.

Double Basin

This is also a popular choice because the dual sink allows for washing on one basin then rinsing and or drying on the other. Big families prefer this because it is multi-purpose, especially for a household that prefers to clean their dishes, cutleries, pots and pans by the use of a trusty sponge and dishwashing liquid instead of a dishwasher. One of the disadvantages of double sinks is that the basin might be too small for pots and pans, the sink is smaller to accommodate two in the counter. for ideas if you prefer to have this type of sink in your kitchen.

Undermount Sink

The opposite of top mount, this kind of sink is attached from the bottom of the counter to avoid silicone caulk. With the undermount sink, it is also easier to wipe water and other debris from the counter straight to the sink. Of course, there are still drawbacks to this kind of sink. Undermount is more expensive than top mount and better to have it professionally installed since it needs to be attached with special clips to ensure its sturdiness.

Apron Sink

Also called as farmhouse sinks, these are large single sinks that have a “front” wall and is joined together in the counters. This is also favoured by homeowners because large pots and pans could be cleaned and washed easily. It is recommended however that a water absorbent rug is placed near the sink since this type is prone to dripping.

No matter what type of sink you prefer, the important thing you have to consider is how this sink could accommodate all the to-ing and fro-ing in your kitchen.

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