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What to Ask Your Real Estate Agents When Selling Your Home?

Sooner or later you may be looking to sell your home, and naturally you would want to secure the best possible deal on it as well. For first-time home sellers though, the task can be understandably challenging, as the real estate market is expansive, bustling and frankly utterly confusing. However, with the right guidance and expertise leading your way, it becomes much easier to navigate otherwise uncertain waters, allowing you to make the best sale on your house sale. Which is why, if you or someone you know is on the verge of selling your house or listing it for sale, you should make note of this list of questions to ask your agent.

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Are You Specialized In This Locale?

Though this may not seem important to you at first, it actually is. A real estate agent who is well-versed with your local neighbourhood will of course be able to offer you the best possible advice and service accordingly. The likelihood of you securing a good deal is also quite high. Additionally, such real estate agents would know about upcoming developments, and other key selling points to pitch to buyers which would make it in turn, easier for you.

Will You Arrange For Inspections?

House inspections can take on two different meanings; one, inspecting to scout out the house and get a basic idea of what to expect, and two, a more in-depth inspection that helps weed out all the pitfalls and drawbacks. Some real estate agents organize both, and even help set appointments after first checking in with you of course. Assume you are in Adelaide, they would look up building inspectors in adelaide, and screen them to see whether they are reliable and right for your needs.

How Do You Plan To Market It?

Marketing is a key part of your selling plan, so if they do not have one, then you will need one. Mind you when scouting out real estate agents, make sure you wait for them to suggest a marketing plan first. You do not need anything too extensive at this point, but a basic breakdown will give you an idea of whether they really do know what they are talking about. You had also best familiarize yourself with the various marketing options available to you, so you can see whether they suggest them. Only if you are fully satisfied with the real estate agents in all other aspects should you dig into the marketing plan with full force. Else it is a waste of time.

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How Will You Communicate?

As the seller, you will most probably want regular updates on the situation, so instead of yelling at each other down the line, sort out a communication structure from the start. Find out how they will communicate with you, and how often they will meet you face-to-face. Will they send you emails as necessary, or will you have to keep chasing them up? A real estate agent you have to keep running behind is no help at all, so go for someone who is more independent and proactive.

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