What Are The Ideal Flooring Solutions?

We have all been so particular when it comes to selecting a color for our walls. Like, it should adorn the rooms, create a positive vibe, and also look modest. When we process so much thought on selecting a color, imagine how vital it must be on selecting the grounds for your space?

Having an excellent flooring solution not only gives a gorgeous interior, but also the right type adds value to your home. So, you must be wondering how to select the right flooring solution. Here is a guide on flooring materials available in the market.Know how each material differs from one another and make your best selection.

What are the types of flooring materials?

Hardwood Floor solution

If you are intending to invest for a higher return on investment, hardwood is the answer! The higher the quality of wood you use, the greater the value it adds to your property.


  • It adorns your interior with an aesthetic look
  • There is a variety of species available
  • There is a wide choice of colors and styles
  • It has a higher return on investment in the long-term
  • It is high in durability
  • It can be utilized for up to three to five years without damage


  • A costly solution in comparison to other options available
  • It can develop dents or swell over time if not properly maintained
  • Can form scratches and scrapes. For instance, pets running around or using the wrong tool to clean the floor
  • Vulnerable to moisture, which can cause damages

Hybrid Solutions

It is a mixed solution combining timber floors with laminate and vinyl features. It is an ideal choice for the summer seasons. Check out hybrid flooring geelong stores to see some options. It is also best fit to use in areas exposed directly under the sunlight.


  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It can be installed in any room, from laundry, bathroom to even kitchen
  • Less noise creation
  • It is warm and comfortable beneath, can walk barefoot
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Can be installed over existing flooring. For instance, on ceramic tiles or concrete floors
  • Efficient and durable


  • It can be easily damaged than hardwood
  • Likely to tear off or easily scratched

Ceramic Tile Flooring solutions

It is an ideal solution to give your space a luxurious outlook. It is a perfect option for high traffic areas in the home or the office.


  • A wide variety of choices are available, from different shapes to various colors. There are also tiles available in either solid color or with abstract and mosaic designs
  • Highly durable and strong material
  • It is waterproof
  • Can be fitted anywhere, from rooms, living area, or even in the bathroom


  • It is time-consuming to install
  • Can easily get cracked or chipped under heavy duty

Carpeting solution

It is the ideal solution to make a place feel cozy!


  • It is cost-effective and easy to install
  • A soft, comfy, cozy texture.
  • No noise disturbance


  • Can get smelly
  • Not a great option with pets or infants

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