Types Of Desks For An Office

We all have different types and shapes of desks in our house, either in the bedroom or the study room or the library or the home office. Office desks are one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in an office. Office desks are made to serve a purpose and different storage requirements. A great desk can be designed as an amazing centerpiece to enhance any space, where it’s work-related or just for fun. It is one of the most singularly varied pieces of furniture anyone can own. Their variety of styles and types of desks is limitless. So we’d like to help break down some of the different types of office desks available to make your life easier.

Writing Desk

Minimalist and spacious desks with limited storage. Writing desks can be perfectly placed along the walls or even in the middle of the space for a dramatic effect. Most suitable for a laptop person than a desktop person. This conservative yet elegant styling works wonderfully in almost any space.

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Computer Desks

In a modern home office kind of setting, computer desks are most practical. Why? Because it can fit in all parts of a computer perfectly. There is plenty of space for the computer tower and the monitor and even the speakers and the printer. It also has storage for any computer accessories, peripherals, and cables. Just like writing desks, computer desks are built for efficiency with ample hardware storage. 

Computer desks also include a keyboard tray (just like a drawer) and a large storage area for the CPU. That being said, a lot of people do not use computers. Laptops are more convenient and are more popular among all people.

Executive Desks

The king of all desks. It is perfect to make you feel like a boss at your home office. It’s massive, meaning ample desktop space, storage and oozes elegance. These carved wood specimens are a timeless appeal and stand out from most minimalist desk types. Executive desks come in four main styles.

  1. Rectangle desk
  2. L-shaped desk
  3. U-shaped desk
  4. Massive desk systems

Credenza Desks

Just like the name implies, it is a desk incorporated within a cupboard style credenza. This piece is generally showcased in dining or living rooms and accessorized to perfection. It is both functional and stylish making it the perfect public highlight. It also provides ample storage, so you no longer have to fear about messy desks while guests are coming around.

Corner Desks

A convenient solution to compact space problems. Corner desks provide desktop space in a smaller area. The best part of corners desks is more legroom. You can walk around without having to walk around your desk to fetch files and whatnot. 

Floating Desks AKA Wall Mounted Desks

These desks are trending, right now! This type of desk is mounted directly on the wall, saving ample floor space. However, if storage is the issue, you can always wheel in a couple of drawers and place it under your desk. Perfect for rooms with limited space like dorms and bedrooms. 

The type of desk you need depends on the type of activity you do. So research and choose wisely.

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