Top Tips When Renting a Generator

Renting a generator is easy. But keeping a couple of points in mind would make the experience easier. They could help you save money too. We discussed them in our article. Why don’t you read ahead?

Is It Big Enough?

You need to make sure that the generator can power what you need it to. You may have a large apartment block, so one with a small load won’t work. You’re not a professional – you probably have no idea which size would be right. By doing research, you’ll help yourself.

How Helpful Is the Team?

In line with the above point, you should work with a company that is willing to help. They should provide expert support to help you find the right generator. They should also not try and get you to rent something expensive – you can make note of this by checking the reviews online.

By speaking to others in the industry, you’ll know of recognized names.

How Would It Be Delivered?

Generators are huge. They’re very heavy too. Who you’re working with should offer to bring the product to you. Having to transport it yourself would be an added expense. It would be an inconvenience as well.

Not only should they deliver it to you, but they should be willing to take it back once your lease is done. Having to remove it yourself might be dangerous, as there is a lot of plugs and cords in there.

How Well Maintained Is It?

If it’s not maintained well, you could have it break down on you. The renting service may not be the most genuine, so they could blame you for damaging the generator when it wasn’t in the best condition in the first place.

Make sure that it’s clean too. Dealing with something so large that’s dusty would be a headache.

Speaking of clean, is it energy efficient? Your utility bill would be through the roof otherwise. The machine shouldn’t hurt the environment either. Generators can affect global warming. That’s why working with large names might be needed, like Aggreko. Aggreko’s net zero targets are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Its Price

Renting generators can be expensive. You shouldn’t work with just anyone, as you could be spending an arm and a leg. The people around you might be renting the machines out for a lot more than competitors in nearby towns. Why not check them out?

If you wait around, you could snag the generators on a deal. You might be able to hire it for almost half the price.

Will It Be Grounded?

They are powerful electrical machines. If you don’t ground them, you run the risk of short circuiting and trips being broken.

Final Thoughts

As discussed, there are many things to consider before renting generators. Most importantly, work with someone who’s reputed, as you’d have the smoothest experience. Make sure that they don’t cost more than competitors, as you could be spending through your nose otherwise.

By working with some reputed, you’d know that they’d want the best for you. That’s why they’d help you every step of the way.

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