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Tips To Achieve Lower Staff Turnover Rates in Construction Companies

In any industry, the quality of work, productivity and, ultimately the profit will depend on the staff. No matter how big your clientele is, you need to have proper people to perform the work to meet the requirements of the clients if you want to retain them. Therefore, the Human Resources departments and the senior management have a huge responsibility when it comes to staff handling.

The construction industry is one where there is usually a high staff turnover rate and, considering the costs in hiring new people and training them and the time taken for the whole process, it is important for the ones who are involved in management to take steps to improve staff retention.

Hire the Correct People

First of all, you need to hire people who can fit into the culture of your organization while at the same time performing the tasks assigned to them diligently and efficiently. Most people leave workplaces not because they cannot perform the functions assigned to them but simply because they are not happy and cannot fit into the culture.

You also need to evaluate the attitude the potential employee has towards the tasks assigned to him/her. Always get a person who is willing to collaborate with the others when performing the work and who is willing to adhere to procedures. This is especially difficult when it comes to the labourers as they are mainly concerned about the pay.

Allow Them to Grow

Even most of the labourers do not want to be just a labourer all his/her life. They would embrace the opportunity to grow if given. Also, make sure that all employees are competent and properly trained to perform the tasks assigned to them. Provide them with onsite training such as working at heights training so that they will be able to meet the standards and turnaround times expected by the employer.

A person would rather work at a place that would allow them to achieve more in life than in a place where he/she would be in the same circumstance even after ten years.

Pay Well

Do not underpay and never overpay. Also, always keep the salary anomalies at a minimal level as people tend to compare the salaries no matter how discrete you are about them and they will be much more disheartened at learning that a new hire who has no qualifications or experience is receiving more than an older employee who is more experienced than when they realize that you are paying them lesser than a competitor.

Therefore, always respect the rules of general equity and treat equals equally. When people realize that they are being treated fairly, they will stick with the company even if you are paying a bit lesser than what a competitor may be paying.

Recognition and Attentiveness

Everybody wants to be heard. Therefore, pay adequate attention to employee issues and take steps to resolve the problems as soon as possible. Even if the person suggesting something is a minor staff member, give proper recognition to the idea if it is valuable to the company in some sense. Even if the idea is not beneficial to the company, take time to listen and encourage the employees to come up with better ideas rather than simply ignoring.

Obviously, people would like to spend more time and effort on a company that not only respects and listens but takes steps to implement his/her ideas that are worthwhile.

Also, you can introduce incentive schemes, promote corporation among the employees by recognizing acts of goodwill and maybe giving a small token of appreciation or simply displaying the photograph with a note to show that you appreciate, etc.

If you follow these simple tips, you will not have to spend hours on the recruitment process looking to fill the vacancies and you will have more time to actually perform the work as you do not have to repeatedly train the new staff members.

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