Things to Know If You Want To Install A TV in Your Caravan

Being out with your recreational vehicle to spend more time on an adventure is surely an experience that could bring about a lot of new experiences worth cherishing a lifetime. But, there are still some basic questions that may pop up in your mind that need real answers. Some of these are the following:

A Regular TV or a Caravan-Specific TV

As a first-time RV owner or a beginner of this thing called “caravanning”, whether to choose a regular TV or an RV TV is a question that you may find yourself asking a couple of times. The answer is YES, you can certainly use a regular TV for your RV. However, the problem starts when you go offshore or in areas too far from your city. What if the city where you plan to go runs on a 120-volt power or anything other than what your regular TV is designed for?


To Install or Not To Install a TV

Some people argue that you don’t need an RV-specific TV to be able to watch your favourite shows while on the caravan. Others say you do not need a TV in the first place! You’re out because you want to enjoy the outdoors, right? But, what is most important here is for you to get the best out of your caravan experience.

Why You Should Install TV in Your RV

Yes, you were right when you said people who decide to go out for a caravan adventure should be spending more time outdoors instead of watching TV indoors. However, what if rainy days would come and you’re stuck inside? A television will prove to be your best source of entertainment during this time.

At the end of the day, when you’re done hiking, watching TV while taking a rest would be such a great idea. A good movie will also come in handy especially when it’s already too dark and too cold to go outside. Besides, evening meals inside your RV would be more exciting if you get to watch your favourite movie at the same time.


How to Install TV Inside Your RV

Once you shop 12 volt TV for caravan, the next thing to do is to install it. If you have to install it in a specific place in your vehicle for the first time, chances are you need to have a VESA mount which has an articulating arm as well. This gives you the chance to place your newly bought caravan TV in an area where you can best relax and watch movies. Its articulating arm will make it possible for you to adjust your viewing angle. This is very helpful especially if you need to lie in bed or in the couch while watching. But, don’t forget that this articulating arm should also be locked to prevent it from moving in different directions when your vehicle is moving otherwise your TV will get damaged.


Keep these things in mind and start looking forward to more adventures down the road?

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