Things to Know About Australia Before You Migrate

With the picturesque land, a stunning view, and pristine beaches, everyone is ever ready to migrate to Australia. Thus, this famous destination keeps attracting tourists and migrants from across the globe.

The migration has been initiated over the years. Hence, that is the reason why there is a diversified culture in the Aussies. 

However, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. Likewise, the country accommodates six states. If you are wondering where to live in Australia, here’s a guide to each city. Thus, this will help you narrow down the choices where you want to spend the visit. 

What are the states in Australia?


It is often known as the Sunshine State. The state is situated along the Gold Coast, having perfect weather all year round. Hence, many migrants prefer to settle here as it offers a great climate. Plus, it is the second-largest state in Australia.

Moreover, to the north of Queensland lies the Great Barrier Reef. It is the world’s largest coral reef; a structure made by living organisms. Thus, it is also renowned as a World Heritage Site.

The natural beauty in this area is under the observation of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Therefore, they have limited the human impact on it by controlling fishing and other water activities. 

Did you know? The capital of Queensland is; Brisbane. It is also known as “Bris-Vegas” which emphasizes and pays tribute to the energetic nightlife. 

New South Wales

New South Wales got its name from a television soap opera. The state of New South Wales is renowned for its endless beachside neighbourhoods.

Furthermore, it is home to a handful of greenery, from bushes, forests, and rainforests. Moreover, deserts and even waterfalls. Hence, this state is full of tourist’s spot. Furthermore, it is also home to national parks over the range of 780!

Moving forward from the tourist aspect, the state also excels in the academic region. With eleven existing universities, New South Wales is an ideal option for one who wants to continue their higher studies.


Must have heard, is the capital of New South Wales. If you are unable to decide where to settle, migration agents Australia will help you choose the ideal city. Sydney has been exposed to greater economic development, causing multinationals to firms expanding in their industries. 

It is like the hub of Australia.


The financial and insurance industries create Victoria’s largest income channel. In spite of the service industries expanding across, the main manufacturing players in Victoria still enjoy the monopoly power. 

Furthermore, Victoria is the sports city of Australia. It has also hosted several international tournaments, such as the Grand Slam Tennis. 

South Australia

Assuredly, this city is the most live able one in the whole of Australia. It has marked its place in the Top 10 of The Economist’s World’s Most Live able Cities in Australia. Moving forward, it is the city of churches. 

Enfolding the cultural value- the city also hosts annual musicals and other festivals. Furthermore, right after the fourth is- Western Australia. 

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