Things to Keep in Mind before Joining An Engineering Firm

Looking for a greener pasture can be daunting for engineers especially if they still have very limited experience in their chosen field. If you are thinking of switching to a new company or still applying for your first job, there are things you need to consider first before joining any engineering firm. Some of these are the following:

Check The Company’s Website

It could be very tempting to just grab the opportunity right away once you are offered with a high salary. However, this high salary may not guarantee that you will truly be successful in your career if you join that particular company. You have to check the company’s performance and stability first before diving in. Check their website and see if they have a page dedicated to testimonials from engineers who are working for that company. A testimonial page may also divulge some information that helps you get a better idea as to how the company operates, treats its customers and employees.

Visit their Social Media Page

The company’s social media page will give you an idea about how they celebrate their employees’ achievements. Not to mention the fact that the company’s brand will also genuinely be reflected on their website. Their social media page must also include important announcements and other information that cater to the improvement of their employees’ skills. It would also be wise if you see some mentions of the company from any reputable media or newspaper company. Try to evaluate the information presented on their social media page and the information you get from your fellow engineers. Keep in mind that you cannot rely solely on what the engineering recruitment agencies tell you about the company. You have to do your homework as well.

Read Company Reviews

Reading the reviews about that company that you are about to join will help you have an idea about the company culture. Reviews would often reveal many strengths and weaknesses of that company. It is there that employees will voice out how they appreciate or hate the company’s ability to fulfill its promises to their employees. It will also tell you about the experiences of people who used to work for that company. But, don’t be easily discouraged with the negative comments posted on the reviews. You also need to weigh the information by also checking the positive reviews made by other people. Then, be wise enough to decide whether the information provided is true or false.

Turn To Your Network

This is when having your own network of like-minded individuals will prove to be very helpful. You may ask your friends who are also fellow engineers for some information about the background of that company that you are about to join. Of course, don’t just ask two or three people. You have to collect enough information before finally deciding whether you should join the company or not. Your friends will most likely give you an honest opinion about that company. You may also leverage your social media network in asking for information about companies where you may apply.

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