The debunked myths of automated garage entrances – and its true value

The value of your property is decided based on a number of factors; one of them is the garage entrance. For a very long time, this aspect was left to rot where it was few decades ago, until the concept was properly polished and reinvented for good.

Down this lane, the most important invention was the automated garage entrance. But even in the present, it seems that most of us are misled by the traditions that are either too expensive, or outdated. It is about time you come out of this well.

There are a lot of myths, different ones that want to stress on one objective, or one single claim, if you may; ‘they are too expensive, they are hard to maintain and it just is not worth it’ – if you happened to have heard them and believed them, you should realize that you’ve merely being victimized.

For places like malls, and such commercial institutions, having manual garage entrances or car-park entrances can be quite an impractical approach. If you wanted it to be manual, it would take the effort of employees, or worse, the effort of the clients to park their vehicles, which is never making a good impression. But with automatic and energy saving garage doors the job will be done, with the least consumption of energy. This will help you to ensure that your clients are happier, whilst spending the least energy, hence saving money.

This applies to the residential context as well. If you have always lived in the myth that doors of these type waste energy, you should be looking forward to shatter than with the installation of a reliable one. Because in the end of the day, if you wanted to have an element to elevate the quality of your life and the property, it would better to have it with a peace of mind. So, the shortest version of this clarification is that, it does not waste energy.

Now, let us look at the cost factor. Having an automatic entrance to your garage will always be one of the positive points that you can use as a value boosting factor, when selling the property. On the flip side, if makes your life so much easier, especially during heavy thunderstorms when you wish if the door magically opened up. Based on all these factors, it is reasonable for the automate doors to be a little bit more expensive than the manual ones. But is it worth it? Absolutely yes.

It doesn’t matter whether the door was made out of treated wood, an alloy or whatever, what truly matters is the mechanical and the electrical aspect of it. As long as you can choose a reliable company for the job, you won’t have to worry about any sort of a complication.

The world is handling us over ways how we can improve our lifestyles – it truly would be a shame, if we lost them, because of well debunked myths, isn’t it?

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