Situations When You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Divorce is such a painful process. However, it is much difficult when there are children involved. Settling who will take custody of the kids is a huge issue especially when both parents are fighting for child custody.

Many parents try to figure out and understand about child custody on their own without getting legal counsel. However, sometimes it will only make matters worse since both parties are already not in good terms with each other. To make things easier and less stressful, it is better to hire a child custody lawyer to help you through these difficult times. They are the ones who fully understand the custody laws and regulations in your state so it is best to have them around and help you understand more about the process as well.

If you’re not sure whether to hire a child custody lawyer or not, here are the reasons when you should do so.

Your Ex Hired an Attorney

If the other parent hired a child custody lawyer, it is best to hire one yourself as well to even out the field and have and expert represent your interests and fight for your rights to your child. Custody battles can take a long time and sometimes differs on every judge on how they go through the case. It can be confusing and daunting to fight the battle alone. Having a child custody lawyer can help protect your rights to your child as well as help you through the entire process. If you need child support legal service Melbourne has some good lawyers you could trust.

Your Child is in Danger

Danger comes in different forms. If your child’s safety is compromised – whether it is harm from the other parent, a health issue, or anything that could potentially put your child in danger, you should hire a custody lawyer to help you through this complicated case. They know what steps to take depending on the situation your child is in. Also, never hesitate to call 911 if your child is in immediate danger. 

Your Case is Complicated

Not all cases are the same. There are other factors that make their case more complicated than others. For instance, if your child needs counselling or has special needs that require extra care from their parent. If your case has some circumstances that make it more complex to settle, hiring a custody lawyer is the best move to make sure that your child’s needs will be provided and protected.

If the Other Parent Withholds Visitation

Each parent has visitation rights to their child no matter what the case is. If the other parent is trying to withhold this right, it won’t get anywhere if you just try to talk through it. Instead, hire a custody lawyer to help you deal with the issue quickly. You can be sure that you’ll see your child regularly as soon as possible and without interruptions from the other parent with the help of a good child custody lawyer.

Protect you and your child’s rights and best interest by hiring a good custody lawyer to work with your case.

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