Simple Vehicle Repair Tips All Vehicle Owners Need to Know

Is your car making funny noises, shaking, or squeaking when driving? That may indicate worn out parts that require immediate repair or replacement. Here are several tips that will help you have your car fixed in no time:

Check the Tire Pressure

Most drivers are neglectful when it comes to checking tire pressure. Improper tire pressure can affect your driving seriously. For example, if you experience shaking even when driving at low to moderate speeds, then you might have a flat tire. Don’t ignore this problem. Immediately check the tires using a pressure gauge. If you have a flat tire, go to an auto shop and have it fixed. It’s recommended to do a wheel check-up while you are there.

Don’t Let the Car Shake When You Accelerate

If your car suddenly shudders when you try to accelerate from a low speed, don’t ignore the shaking. You may have a drivetrain problem related to u-joints or the centre bearings. This should be immediately fixed. You can replace worn out parts by looking up local u-joints or centre bearings Melbourne. Find a reliable place to buy from, such as a shop that specialises in tailshafts.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Air Intake

You can avoid expensive air unit replacements later by cleaning the air intake shaft. Needless to say, it can easily get clogged up by dirt and debris. Find online or from an auto shop a soft bristled brush to remove clogging from the air intake. You may be able to use a mini car vacuum alternatively. If you can’t do it, at least ask an auto mechanic to do it for you.

Flush the Transmission

The transmission fluid requires replacing occasionally, just like motor oil. If it gets too clogged up, it can cause internal damage, at which time you may need to replace the entire transmission. This would cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily save a lot of money by having the transmission flushed as recommended by the owner’s manual that came with the vehicle.

Buy a Suitable Degreaser

Refer to your vehicle model and invest in a good engine degreaser to keep the engine working smoothly for a long time. If your car is new, then the engine is probably made mostly from plastics. In that case, you can use any high-quality plastic or vinyl cleaner to get the engine as good as new. When cleaning, try to use minimal amounts of water as possible. Dry the engine if you can afterwards because water can really cause some damage in there.

Prevent Headlight Oxidation

Use a good plastic cleaner or a suitable car cleaner to remove the cloudy oxidation from headlights. It would prevent you from having to replace the headlights. For glass headlights, you can use a good glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth that won’t cause abrasions.

Use Protectant to Prevent Fading

You can use a protectant on your car paint and rubber tires to prevent UV damage that cause fading. Using a rubber cleaner on tires beforehand should work too. This would eliminate the need to replace the tires or repaint just because there’s some fading.

Keep the above tips in mind and your car would be in great shape most of the time. You can certainly avoid expensive repairs later.

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