Practices that will Help You with Tobacco Withdrawal

Quitting smoking is not always an easy task. However, there are plenty of solutions that can help you with this. These solutions range from various practices that would distract you from cravings, help you focus on something better and alternative products for tobacco. Take a look at the following to what these solutions are.


Like for many other instances, exercising is a great way to help you get your focus back. Especially, it is a practice that can help you to distract yourself from the urge to smoke and lessen your craving for tobacco. Regular exercise, at least a thirty minutes day will help you get into a routine and will also help you to avoid relapses. 

Establish a routine so you will have a more planned exercise session. You can also try out simple things such as taking a walk in the park or running whenever you feel the urge. These outdoor activities and enjoying fresh air will help you to forget whatever it is causing your craving such as stress or anxiety.

Chewing on Alternatives

Several experts have suggested that keeping your mouth busy will help you to keep the craving for tobacco at bay. For example, chewing on carrot sticks or other raw vegetables is something you can try. Carrot sticks are specifically recommended because of the health benefits it comes with such as preventing night-blindness and fighting constipation. Some other healthy alternatives include sunflower seeds and sugarless gum.

Keep Your Hands Busy

Another way to keep off your cravings is to keep your hands busy. Keeping your hands occupied is known to keep you from bringing tobacco to your lips. Practice hobbies that would keep your hands working, such as knitting or woodworking. There are also other practices such as handicrafts and DIY projects, writing, journaling or typing. Find an activity that you love or loved doing before your cravings started. This will also help you calm and reduce your stress.

Over the Counter Solutions

There are many over the counter products that you can buy that would help with tobacco withdrawal. There is prescription medicine such as bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix), which you can try under supervision.

Some other products include lozenges and gums with small amounts of nicotine, adhesive nicotine patches and nicotine pouches. These products will help you to lessen the nicotine intake gradually, helping you to a smoother withdrawal. Check out V and You’s online store to see the kind of products that you can try.

Call for Support

There is nothing to be ashamed about calling for support. There are plenty of counsellors that you can visit; either physically or by phone, who would help you with the withdrawal process and will guide you to better manage the side effects of the withdrawal. They will also help you with finding solutions for whatever the reasons that make you crave tobacco- stress, depression, anxiety or grief.

With the right kind of solutions, quitting smoking is never hard. Find the solutions that work the best for you. Stick to these practices, establish your own patters and routines and seek help when necessary. Hard work and determination will always help you reduce the cravings.

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