Many Reasons for You to Keep Them Covered!

Isn’t it strange how the commando, the term for a soldier skilled in ambushes, now always includes going with no underwear? I can’t understand the difference. Letting the boys hang loose… It’s nothing like going to a fight. Yet others would not be in agreement. There’s a lot of encouragement for abandoning underwear. Here are the reasons why you should not avoid wearing underwear.

You Might Suffer from Chafing Down There!

Chafing is an irritation on the skin that happens whenever the skin is continuously pressed against the surface or fabric. You’re increasing the risk of upsetting your boys any time you get a commando. The lining of your trousers, denim, or shorts may be less favourable to your groin.

Such clothing is not typically built to be especially soft on this delicate body portion, unlike underwear. As a second layer of fabric, underwear often acts as a shield between your groin and deliberately offensive stuff, ensuring that your package stays secure.

You Might Suffer from Crotch-Rot!

Officially referred to as tinea cruris, it is a skin condition caused by constantly wearing tight or wet clothing. As long as you’ve got your clothing clean, wearing underwear decreases the chances of having crotch rot.

Underwear is a strong absorber of moisture, unlike trousers, denim and shorts in particular, leaving the boys dry. Any underwear is made of sweat-wrapping cloth (e.g. polyester blends) that absorbs and let sweat evaporate quickly. Wearing these clothing substantially decreases the chances of getting crotch rot.

You Might Get Sweat Stains!

Have you seen the famous meme of how a girl sweats from behind until she placed the Bat Signal perfectly? Assume how humiliating it would have been if anything like that occurred to yourself. Wearing underwear will prevent you from experiencing this. Other than soaking up sweat excellently, underwear acts as a second piece of clothing that entrap and helps prevent your sweat from smudging your jeans, pants or shorts. You can visit any mens underwear sale to grab yours today.

You Might Flash Someone!

Speaking of humiliating accidents, how often have you kept your fly open? I suspect more than you would have admitted. If you’re still wearing pants, you’re not going to leave Junior unwittingly naked if you forget to put the fly up or if the zipper fails.

You Might Be Exposing More Than You Like!

It’s also likely to expose somebody unwittingly if you wear easily provocative bottoms like cotton trousers. With time, these trousers become thin. You can still wear panties to prevent accidentally revealing more than you would like to anyone!

You Might Get into An Awkward Moment in Public!

Clothes become brittle if you wear them for years. Old clothing may be torn at any moment. How dangerous it would be if your trousers are abruptly split in public. It’s not going to be so bad if you’re wearing underwear! To be comfortable, just wear a little something……you know.

How often have you wanted to shake it dry? but still have a little stain in your drawers? You may even have lost track. There are several ways to prevent this tragedy, but people still struggle from it. It’s going to get worse and worse with time and age. Stick to wearing underwear to   prevent accidentally staining the front!

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