How to Reverse Dwindling Traffic to Your Website

Ideally, the web traffic number should always be upwards bound. In reality, some websites lose traffic numbers that were once so promisingly high. Therefore are multiple reasons why your website could be losing traffic. Your first priority should be to determine what exactly is causing the traffic to slow. After that, try any one of the below tactics:

Hire a Professional to Fix Your Site

Obviously, the easiest way to get traffic numbers back up is to consult with web development specialists in your area and hire help. The specialists will do a thorough inspection of what’s wrong with your site. For example, bad design could be keeping potential customers from visiting. So could slowing demand in your industry. Sometimes, sophisticated SEO tactics can revive dead sites. You can certainly hire search engine optimisation experts to unload the hard work on them and get the job done for a small fee.

Speed It Up

More often than not, the primary reason why web traffic is slowing down is because the website itself is too slow to load. Search engines, meaning Google, deliberately push slow loading sites to the bottom so mainly mobile searchers don’t have to waste their time. Therefore, try speeding up your website by eliminating clutter and cleaning up the code. Get the loading speed to under 2 seconds and see if the web traffic returns.

Change the Colour Scheme

You might be surprised by how the wrong colour can just keep even the most interested customers away. The colour scheme of your website should be appealing but also sensible. Site owners can beta test different colours to see which one people prefer the most. In any case, try a new colour scheme and see if things are truly changing.

Write Better Ad Copies

The quality of your AdSense copy really determines if people really want to visit your website. Learn to write a better ad copy by incorporating tried and tested copywriting tactics. Use statistics in your copy and avoid bland or boring language. Also, remain highly accurate. Misleading potential customers could lead to getting your site flagged, in which case the traffic numbers would naturally drop.

Lighten the Load

Websites can be light or “heavy” based on how much script and components are on the site. A heavy website would certainly take forever to load. It’s worthwhile to consider a clean-up of the website to make the design to be more on the minimalist side. Get rid of unwanted plugins and compress images. Test the new, lighter website and see if the traffic numbers go back up.

Move on to a Better Hosting Plan

If you have been using shared hosting all this time at a dirt cheap price, don’t be too excited to see if the website gradually slows down as the traffic increases. Shared hosting packages come with a storage and bandwidth limit. Once you reach this limit, the hosting provider may throttle the speed. Other sites on the same server could be affecting your site’s speed as well. Therefore, move on to a dedicated or a similarly upgraded package as your site grows to avoid speed issues.

Once you pinpoint the exact problem, a fix for a site loading issue would be easy. But if that’s not possible, you can also try implementing one or two of the above suggested fixes.

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