How to Maintain Solar Panels

A solar power system is one of the best investments you could do for your home. Aside from helping you cut down your energy costs, it also boosts the value of your home if you’re planning to sell it in the future. One of the most common questions asked by those who are new to solar is, how to maintain a solar power system? Here are some of the basic steps in keeping your solar panels on their top condition.

Do They Need to Be Maintained?

In fact, solar panels require only a minimal amount of maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. Basically, all you need to do is to do some regular cleaning to keep the panels clear from dirt and other debris. These obstructions can decrease the absorption efficiency of your panels. During winter and other times when the amount of sunlight is low, you’ll need to boost your maintenance to maintain the energy output of your solar power system.

Solar can actually be used in almost anywhere in the world as long as there’s sunlight. If you’re considering solar Ballarat and all other nearby cities are already using this technology for many years, making it convenient for residents who want to switch to solar.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is basically the main maintenance step you’ll be doing for your solar panels. Since they are installed outside, dirt and other debris could accumulate on them, reducing the panels’ efficiency. You could opt to clean them manually or use cleaning tools such as a leaf blower to blow away debris. You also spray the panels with water using a garden hose to remove stubborn dirt. Those cleaning techniques are what you need to do for dry season.

However, during winter, you’ll need to clear away snow from the panels so your solar power system will continue producing energy throughout the winter. Use lukewarm water to clear away snow from the panels. Never use hot water to melt the snow since it could crack the panels due to the difference in temperature.

Monitoring Solar Panels

If you have a solar power system in your home, installing a monitoring system can help you look out for the performance of your solar panels, making it easier to maintain them. The solar panel monitoring system, helps you keep track of the energy produced each day by your system and how much it accumulates through time.

Through it, you’ll get to discover the different factors that affect it energy production such as the season. If there is a sudden drop in energy production, you’ll know that there’s something wrong with your solar panels that needs to be addresses immediately. In most cases, the monitoring system will alert you if there are damages or problems in the panels so you could check and repair or replace it.

Solar panels are pretty easy to maintain. However, always remember to get warranty and insurance for it so you could have a safety net in case it breaks down and needs replacement or repair.

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