How to Keep Your Guests Happy If You Run a Hotel?

If you are in the hospitality trade then one of the most important things you need to know is how to keep your guests happy. A happy guest would not only give your hotel good reviews but would also increase your profit by bringing in more guests.

The Products

Supplying your guests with good quality products is one way to ensure that they are happy. For instance, if you are not sure who to get your supplies from, you can search for good hotel suppliers Australia. This would provide you with a list of options. It is best that you first research each supplier and once you are a hundred percent certain that you will be able to get good quality products from them, only then should you purchase the supplies.

Prepare the Rooms

It is important that you make sure the hotel room is ready for a guest before he or she arrives. In order to do this you need to ensure that the guest checks out on time in order for you to prepare the room for the next guests. However even if your guest does check out late you should not be rude and hostile as this could prevent them from revisiting your hotel. Welcome drinks and fresh face towels should also be two items that are ready for your guests when they arrive.

The Transportation

Providing transportation for your guests to go around is another way to keep your guest happy. Especially if your guest is a tourist, along with providing transportation you can even provide them with a tour guide or a travel guide with a list of places they could visit. This would aid in making their experience better as they would not have to waste time getting lost or deciding where to go.

Activities around the Hotel

Having a game room in your hotel will be beneficial especially if your guests have young children. As children tend to get bored very easily it would be advisable to have different games in the game room such as board games, a table tennis table and even an indoor pool would be beneficial. If your guests want to swim but are unable to do so due to bad weather then having an indoor pool would be beneficial. As the main purpose of most holidays is relaxation, a key facility to have in your hotel would be a spa.


Responding to the feedback your guest provides would help you make their experience better. Therefore if your guest makes a request or a suggestion it is important that you do not ignore it as this could help your hotel in the long run. Another way to check what your guests are saying about their experience is to check the reviews. It is important that you pay attention to the reviews especially to the bad reviews you get as this could make you aware of the things that you need to improve. You should also take into account the good reviews as this will make you aware of the things that you are doing correctly and it will give you a sense of what your guests liked about their stay.

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