How to Identify Excellent Quality Clothing

You would think buying clothes from well-known brands will always guarantee a higher standard of quality. Well, think again. I do not want to name, names, but due to the cost cutting strategies of many multi-national corporations both the quality of clothing and ethical employment procedures and conditions are compromised.

It is best for you to do your research before purchasing any clothing item. Something could look good behind a window, but you either try it on, wash it or have it for a couple weeks and then you will know its true nature. To avoid buying poor quality clothing that allegedly looks amazing, I have outlined a few ways to identify clothing with excellent quality:

Not Sheer

One thing that clothing with a high-quality does not have is a see-through effect. Wearing clothing made out of lightweight material is usually a must on blistering hot summer days, but sheerness is often a sign that the fabric is not going to last after a few washes. It will pretty much become unwearable. For instance, excellent quality silk will ensure your underwear is invisible for the most part. Ensure to hold the garment on your palm and to the light and if you cannot see the outline of your hand, congrats! You have found an item worthy of purchasing.

No Gaps

If you see more stiches that seem to make the fabric, feel tighter, chances are the quality is above average. However, if you notice loose stiches, it is only a matter of time till the clothing item falls apart. For instance, if you pull on the seam and can see the other side that piece of clothing has been poorly made.

Discomfort Can be Good (Jeans)

Most people choose the pair of jeans they believe gives them the best comfort. But the truth is if you try on jeans for the first time and you feel a little discomfort, it is a sign of its excellence. For instance, when trying on denim jeans, at first it can feel a bit stiff and heavy, but later on the body adapts. In contrast, more inexpensive jeans feel soft and more comfortable on the first try.

Finished Hems

Many companies that produce high quality clothing will ensure that the hems of pants and skirts are finished with extra material in order to avoid a shapeless and unravelling look. On the other hand, fast fashion companies produce more clothing with unfinished hems in order to save more time and fabric. If you notice that the hem is sown and folded, it will last.

Longevity, Resistance, Colour & Comfort        

Purchasing premium women’s clothing should ensure the 4 factors mentioned above. The clothes should be durable and last for more than a year and you should not be concerned on tearing of the fabric. After clothes have been put to wash, the shape of the clothing should remain intact.

For instance, no shrinking. The dye or colour utilized on the garment should not fade, the colour should look as vivid as it did when you first bought it, even after many washes. Lastly, the material must feel comfortable on the skin, if the fabric of a top is causing itchiness, chances are it is poor quality.

Avoid getting ripped off and learn to discern quality of clothes, then you are sure to make worthy clothing purchases in the future.

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