How to Care for And Maintain Your Trees

Planting trees around your property adds in its natural beauty. However, to keep your trees looking lush and healthy, proper care and maintenance should be done regularly. It takes more than just watering and giving them good light sources in order to maintain their health. Here are the basic care and maintenance steps to keep your tree looking at its best all year long.

Pruning and Lopping

Pruning and lopping is important to maintain the structural form and integrity of the tree. Excess and damaged parts are cut off from the tree to encourage better growth and avoid the spread of disease and fungi to healthy parts. Pruning and lopping is done for a variety of reasons. For safety purposes, those branches that pose a safety hazard must be trimmed off.

This refers to the branches that are too close to utility lines and even your home. This technique is also done to remove damaged parts and encourage the growth of new ones to make your tree look healthy always. Some even do this to shape a tree into a more interesting silhouette. Be sure to hire professional tree lopping Brisbane Southside services for great outcomes.

Removal and Replacement

There are some cases wherein you need to have a tree removed from your property. The most common reason for tree removal is when the tree is already dying and can’t be saved by any tree care techniques. Tree removal is also considered when it poses a risk to your property or even the people around it.

For instance, when a tree grows too big and becomes a danger to everyone around especially during a storm. Another reason why some trees are removed is when your property is too crowded and there is not much space for other plants to grow well. There are cases wherein an old tree just needs to be replaced by a newer and healthier one to maintain the beauty of your landscape.

Watering, Fertilizing and Aerating

Trees are just like other living organisms; they need food, water and additional nutrients to maintain proper growth and good health. Make sure to provide your trees with adequate water supply that they need, especially during summer months. Applying fertilizer and other treatments on a schedule helps provide the tree with all the nutrition they need for proper growth.

Proper soil density is also essential for good growth of trees. Mostly, the soil around us is compacted which doesn’t help much in promoting good tree growth. Aerating or loosening the soils helps a lot in promoting air and water flow to set an optimum nutritional condition for your tree.

Dealing with Diseases

Diseases and fungi can’t be avoided. If you suspect that your tree is infested with disease, go for a tree assessment to know how to deal with the problem and know the right steps to do to save and bring back the tree into its optimum health.

With proper care and maintenance, you can be assured of your trees’ good health, beauty and longevity.

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