How Beneficial is Email Direct Marketing?

If you are an online retailer, you should think about investing in EDM. Because advertising through emails is very beneficial. If you’re wondering how so, keep reading as we’ll be running through everything you need to know.


Everyone knows that advertising online is one of the easiest ways to get your brand out there. From the many ways you could advertise online, email marketing is the cheapest. Because it costs you no money to send out the emails.

All you’d need is software to get them published to users. And fortunately, the majority of these software are free for you to download. And if they’re not free, they’re probably very cheap.

Reach A Large Audience

With EDM, you’re targeting a large audience of people. The emails would be sent out to everyone registered on the list. This can be thousands of users, giving you one of the highest reaches in the advertising world.

You’ll be targeting as many people as commercials and print media even though you’d be paying a fraction of their cost.

You Have An Engaged Audience

EDM is great because you’re sending out advertisements to already engaged users. If you were to advertise on the side of a website, most likely, users would ignore the pop up as it’s too annoying. This makes the money you spent on it to go down the drain.

In terms of EDM marketing, the users have actively signed up for the newsletters and notifications from your as they’re interested in what you have to send them. This makes whatever you email them register much better, leading to better sales.

Not only would it mean better sales, but word of mouth as well. As you have an engaged audience ready for what you have to offer, if your marketing tactics are good, they’ll be very interested in what you just sent. So, they’ll tell others about it.

Easily Sharable

As just mentioned, they’ll tell others about what you sent them, assisting you. What’s best about this is, they can share your email with other users. This is as emails are very easy to forward to and from so the number of people you reach is very high.

They can not only email it to others but they can forward it on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Easily Monitor Statistics

When sending out the emails, you’ll be using special software. Such software are useful as they allow the sender to monitor the success of their EDM campaign. Because they offer an analytics section where data is stored on how many people clicked the emails.

This information is vital as you can use it to improve your marketing skills and your further campaigns. You can use this not only to better future EDM endeavors but also print media, online or tv adverts as you know what your userbase is interested and what they’re not liking.

With the above points into consideration, you will see that there are countless benefits of EDM. So, utilize it as one of your most priced marketing strategies.

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