Efficient Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Aside from the bedroom and the living room, the bathroom is one of the areas in our home where we could relax. It is where we get ready for the day and where we relax and unwind after a long, busy day. Whether your bathroom looks classy or simple, there are times when we get bored and want to refresh it decor. Most people think that remodelling a bathroom costs a lot. However, these useful tips can help you save a lot in bathroom remodelling, both time and resources.

Plan Well

Proper planning is the first step to almost any home remodelling projects. Know first what type of bathroom you need and plan around from there. There are different types of bathroom with different features each – a full bathroom, powder room, guest bathroom, and a master bathroom. Aside from determining the type of bathroom that you need, you should also consider who will use it. For example, if kids will be using it, having a bathtub is essential. Make sure to install fixtures that are strong and sturdy to withstand daily use. If you’re planning a master bathroom, you can invest in high-end materials and fill it with everything that you need such as cabinets, drawers, vanity and many more. Visit our shop if you’re looking for the finest furniture stores Gold Coast that sells a wide variety of stylish and durable bathroom furnishings.

Consider the Time

If you want your bathroom remodelling project to be done quickly, it is expected that you’ll be spending more resources. You’ll need a general contractor to arrange all the things needed in the project such as planning, coordinating, and hiring subcontractors. On the other hand, choosing the DIY approach could save you a lot but will surely take more time before the project gets done. It all depends on you on how fast or slow you want your bathroom remodel to be done.


Most contractors have their own trusted suppliers when it comes to materials and furnishings needed in the project. However, they usually add a mark-up price for those materials. You can save a lot by looking for your own supplier and buy the materials by yourself. However, be sure to discuss it first with your contractor if they are fine working with your choice of supplies.

Know the Process

Knowing the general process of a bathroom remodel can give you an insight on which areas you can save time and resources. You may choose to plan the project by yourself or work with a general contractor. Also, there’s no need to take down everything in your old bathroom.  Some furnishings can still be used in the next version of your bathroom especially if they are still working well and fit the new decor scheme. This could definitely help you cut down on expenses and construction time.

Remodelling a bathroom doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. With these tips, you can make the remodel project more efficient in time and even in resources.

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