Different Things You Can Frame

When it relates to custom picture framing, you have a lot of options, and you can really let your imagination go wild when it comes to framing unusual and unique stuff. Essentially, anything that lies flat will suffice!

Maybe your home is already adorned with family photos and artwork, and all you need to do now is freshen things up. Finding distinctive pieces to frame, on the other hand, can be deceivingly difficult – you must consider not just what items truly mean anything to you, but just what would make a nice display.

We’re offering some fun and creative framing ideas that will bring some pop! to your home decor.

Diagrams, maps, and architectural designs

Maps aren’t just visually appealing displays for your house, but they are also full of brilliant colour and unusual texture. Furthermore, any map or graphic might offer specific meaning while expressing a portion of your story.

To give the display more personal, consider framing a map of your hometown or a fantasy vacation destination. Perhaps you have a schematic or architectural design of your home or a hobby like Famous music memorabilia.


Puzzles demand focus, grit, and dedication to complete, and they are well worth displaying in a gorgeous frame. A framed puzzles is a colourful and distinctive wall decoration that displays both your hard work and a beautiful image.

Puzzle frames are ideal for use in playrooms, workplaces, or any other space that requires a splash of colour. Nevertheless, when you’re not used to constructing and framing puzzles, make sure to check over our tricks and tips for framing your favourite puzzles.

Pennants and Flags

A flag’s display isn’t limited to merely a flagpole. A professional-looking display for any wall space can be made by framing a pennant or flag that is important to you. Additionally, flags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to complement any home design scheme.

Stamps or Currency

You might come into some foreign currency after a long journey that you either neglected to spend or neglected to convert it back to your home currency. Don’t let that cash go to waste by stowing it away in a drawer; instead, try framing it for a vibrant and one-of-a-kind display.

Perhaps you own a company and have received your first cash bill from a customer. Why not give it a proper position of honour instead of taping it to the register? Whether you’re a historical collector or just enjoy one of the newer, more modern designs, stamps may be a fun and unusual thing to frame.

Magazine cover, book and comic

Covers are colourful and personalized, ideal for your workplace or basement wall space to show off your favourite books.

Use the covers from your intellectual treasure or acquire a copy online – check out 10 more locations to buy art digitally for a list of places where you can obtain a variety of covers in either poster or digital form. 


Looking for a unique way to commemorate a special occasion? Think about a silhouette!

Silhouettes are a fun and different way to show off members of your family while yet maintaining an artistic flair. They’re an excellent approach to highlight individual profiles while yet keeping a sense of cohesiveness.

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