Best Beach House Locations In Australia

They say that even if you visit a beach every day of the year for 365 days, you will not be able to cover the number of beaches in Australia. Since the country falls under the warm temperate and subtropical climate zones, over 85% of the Australians live on the coats. Whilst it is known to be expensive to live on the beachside to even rent a house, during summer times, the Australian beaches are flocked with tourists, locals and seagulls alike. It is chaotic, bright and vibrant. Below are some of the beachside suburbs for anyone who is looking to relocate.

Bondi, Sydney

Be it a local or a tourist, Bondi Beach is one place neither misses if they are living or travelling to Sydney during the summer. With its crystal-clear waters and rocky beach – summer time is a busy period for Bondi Beach. The suburb offers a range of exclusive restaurants, bars and cafes and is an ideal spot to have an apartment or house in as a second home or a holiday home. The owners can always rent it out when it is not being used as the accommodation prices run high during the season.

St. Kilda, Melbourne

This is Melbourne’s most famous beach. It is a very short drive from the central business district and is the perfect spot in Melbourne to take a dip on a warm summer afternoon. The suburb was not so popular until the renovations and gentrifications it went through in the recent past. It offers a range of cozy apartments to modern living spaces – and has now become a very fashionable place to live in. It is ideal for a young couple working in the city who wishes to lay low and enjoy a calm and quiet life.

City of Bayside

The northern boundary of the City of Bayside is only 8km away from the CBD of Melbourne. This is primarily a residential area that has a population of less than 100,000 people. It is located in very close proximity to Brighton Beach and Black Rock and it even offers some fine golf courses. If one is looking for housing in the Bayside city, it can be found that living spaces in this area are affordable and manageable. If you are planning on relocating, there are many removals across Bayside who will be ready to assist you.

Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

This is a coastal town and suburb of the Sunshine Coast Region located in Queensland. It is a multi-cultural, multi ethnic town which has a very small population of around 20,000 people where everyone knows each other. Locally known as “Maroochy”, this beachside suburb is one of the best picks if one decides to relocate or move to a coastal town for it offers peace and quiet for anyone. A young couple who would like to move towards the Maroochy beach during the long weekends or summers could definitely look into investing in a holiday home in this area.

Be it a summer house or even a long-term living space, you could never go wrong with living by the beach. Australia, being home it a number of beautiful beaches, picking where to stay would be the hardest choice.

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