Basic Tools You Need to Train Your Dog

Having a dog at home could be really fun and interesting. However, it is important to make sure that you train your dog properly. When it comes to training your dog, many will feel as if it is a tedious task. Even though you need to make sure that you train your dog properly and it might lie as a responsibility on your shoulders, dog training could be a really fun activity.

To start off with the training, you need to make sure that you have a few basic items to support you with the training. Following are some of the basic tools that you will need when you start training your dog.


The first item that will come in handy when you start training your dog is a clicker. This is an item that comes in different shapes and sizes and is very useful and easy to use. Clickers are used to let your dog know when they follow certain instructions and to mark good behaviour.

Therefore, when you teach your dog certain commands like sit, twirl and lie down, you can use the clicker when they obey the command and performs the right action. Therefore, when you start training a dog, having a clicker will come in handy.


When you first got your dog, you would have looked for animal training systems that allowed it to obey and listen to commands. When browsing through what you can purchase or follow to train your dog properly, you would have seen that having an adequate leash becomes essential as it supports in controlling and managing the behaviour of your dog.

Leashes come in different shapes and sizes and based on the size and the type of dog you have. When you go for a walk, you will need the leash to let your dog know where it shouldn’t walk towards and to guide them in the right direction. It is important to make sure that you store your leash in a convenient location so that you can attach it to your dog when you decide to take a walk.  


Even though this might be an obvious purchase, a dog collar is an essential item that you should purchase not only for training purposes but even for other purposes like to ensure the safety of your dog. The dig collar could carry your home address and the name of the dog to protect them in case they leave the house and wander around the neighbourhood.

Having a collar also becomes beneficial when you want to attach the leash when you begin to train your dog. Based on the size of the dog, you can decide whether you require a collar or a harness and use the appropriate item.

There are many items you can purchase in order to start training your dog. Whilst dog training is a process that might take time and patience, it will be a rewarding experience. Therefore, having the above items will make this journey even more fun and interesting.

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