Areas That Require Cleaning Strata

When you talk about cleaning strata irrespective of whether it is residential or commercial you are not able to take on all of the tasks that are required to be done on your own. If this is in your own home, maybe you can consider doing things by yourself if you have the time for it but when it comes to office buildings with many different floors and each needing cleaning, you will not be able to do things on your own and very often you will need to look at outsourcing this task so that the cleaning can get done on time and regularly without you having to micro manage it. When you think about cleaning strata it is usually about the communal areas that need a lot more cleaning and maintaining. Here are some of the main areas that need this type of cleaning.

The Lobby of Your Building

When it comes to communal areas, the lobby of your building is the one place that experiences the most foot traffic with people coming in and going out all day every day. If there are carpets installed they should be cleaned out every once in a month and if there are no carpets the floors should be cleaned daily and everything from common surfaces to door knobs need to be sanitized as well, so you can imagine how much work goes into this right? This is why you should always think about hiring professional services like strata cleaners Sydney for example or any other location based on where you are. This will help you maintain a clean lobby area without you having to worry about it much.

The Stairwells of the Building

In most cases if you were to use the stairways in commercial buildings today you may see that it looks unclean and smells mouldy as well along with many stains. Why is this> because people will use the elevators for the most part and the management of these buildings will think that because they are not used often the staircases do not need regular cleaning. This is wrong. You need to clean the stairways clean whether they are being used or not. If there are any spills they need to be mopped ad cleaned up immediately to avoid people slipping and falling, the stairways will also be the fire exit so they have to be maintained well too.

The Elevators

The elevators in any building need to be maintained well in order to make sure that they are bacteria free as much as possible. During one single business day elevators will carry hundreds of people up and down in a small and enclosed space that will contaminate easily as many people touch the surfaces and the buttons constantly. If somebody has a cold for example it can be transmitted to many other people who share the elevator with them. Therefore and elevator is a space that needs to be sanitized constantly and kept fresh as well. If not they begin to small like sweat and something rotten which can be rather appalling.

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