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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Company Culture in a Co-Working Space

A shared workplace is rather mission-oriented and boasts of an emphasized collaborative mindset. It can, of course, be a great opportunity for start-ups with flexible budgets looking to grow their business and work cohesively with different companies. But it’s also important to maintain your company culture in such environments, especially when working alongside industries that aren’t even remotely on your radar. Here are a few ways to go about strengthening your company culture:

1.    Physical Space

Finding the right space is crucial to creating your own unique culture in a working space that is shared. You can do this by having one-on-one communication about your mission goals and individual needs with the community manager or office management team. Nothing sets up a personal boundary and mission than having effective co working offices Brisbane. After, the team will be sure to check up on your conditions and see if all needs are being met.

2.    Recognition

The recognition one gets when completing a task or getting the job done right can be quite exhilarating. This means working in a shared space with neighboring companies makes all the more of a positive impact- especially when you have a small team. While sharing your space means that you won’t be able to decorate it every which way you wish, it would still help to take advantage of certain technologies like a monitor that will display the company’s KPIs. By keeping track of your milestones and accomplishments, you get to have a clear idea of where you’re heading with the bigger picture in mind.

3.    Personalization

A more traditional work environment has a closed-off, boxed feel that definitely has a decreased creative edge. To a certain extent, it also lessens workplace communication. In a co-working space you have the added advantage of personalization. Manage your seating arrangements so as to encourage communication and creativity between employees. Allow your employees to personally style their desks and make sure to add small company touches that emphasize your mission.

4.    Participation

Shared workplaces have their fair share of amenities, ranging from modern gadgets to guest speaker events. With your active participation in community events you give your company invaluable added exposure. Utilize any press opportunities that will spread word about your company and the services you offer.

5.    Activities

Culture building activities are a must in any type of work environment. It could be as simple as a meal out or incentivizing milestones and celebrating birthdays. At the end of the day, the company culture is less reliant on physical space and so on the routines you uphold that binds the employees together.

6.    Communicate

Make sure to use a separate chat channel for your company needs because with building-wide announcements, there’s a chance you might get lost in the chatter.

These are the best ways to strengthen the communication lines and culture in your company as you work on rising past the ranks. It’s all about healthy communication between your employees and maximizing your space and opportunities to do just that.

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